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Professional Pressure Washing

Get your home or business clean once more, with safe, effective pressure washing services.

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Deck Staining and Refinishing

Once your deck has been pressure washed, I can also stain and/or refinish it.

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Great Customer Service

I endeavor to provide the best possible pressure washing services, with the highest level of customer service.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing uses water, pressurized through a sprayer, to blast away mold, mud, grime, dirt, and even loose paint from a building. Throughout the seasons, homes and commercial buildings will collect dirt, dust, soot, droppings, mold, and grime from the air. Even though Ithaca is not a huge city, there is still enough grime in the air that the exterior of buildings can start to appear drab and dull. Pressure washing often requires no harsh chemicals and can still get a building perfectly clean.

Pressure washing is also the ideal pretreatment for buildings that are in need of a new coat of paint. The pressure of the water is more than enough to strip away cracked, blistering, and peeling paint, leaving a smooth, clean surface behind for the new coat of paint. If your home is in need of a paint job, but the previous layer of paint is blistered or peeling, or the entire house needs to be properly washed before paint will stick, call my pressure washing services today!

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Residential Pressure Washing in Ithaca, NY

As the wind blows, it carries dirt and dust through the air. Homes will collect this dirt on their exterior, especially on their windows. As this grime builds up, it can be difficult to clean away without the right tools and the right expertise. That’s where I come in. Whether you want your siding returned to its original, clean state or you need grime pressure washed from your deck, give me a call.

My Ithaca, NY residential pressure washing services cover vinyl siding, patios of all kinds, decks, pressure-treated decks, concrete and brick driveways, roofs, fences, and more. More residential pressure washing jobs are completed in less than a day. Decks, which are the most common task, usually take a couple of hours to complete.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Ithaca, NY

If you own a commercial property, keeping the exterior of that commercial property clean is very important. From offices to retail spaces to warehouses, how that business looks will greatly affect whether or not someone wants to do business with you. Pressure washing is a great way to get your commercial building clean, prepare it for painting, and more.

My Ithaca, NY commercial pressure washing services cover sidewalks, dumpster areas, siding, roofs, and more. No matter what you need cleaned, I can probably clean it!

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The Premier Pressure Cleaning Company

Additional Services

Aside from pressure washing, I also provide deck staining and refinishing services. In many cases, pressure washing and deck staining or refinishing go hand in hand. The first step to just about any staining/refinishing job is to remove any debris or dirt from the deck, before applying a new coat of stain or finish.

If you have a deck, it should be washed every two to three years, to help prevent the buildup of dirt and grime, even if you do not need the deck stained or refinished. For total deck maintenance, call me today!

Schedule Your Pressure Washing Job

I typically perform pressure washing jobs only on weekdays. If you have a pressure washing emergency on a weekday or on a weekend, please give me a call. I can almost always fit a short-notice pressure wash into my schedule.

For more information about pressure washing or to schedule a pressure wash for your home or business, contact me today! (Make an appointment now.)

Why Choose Jeff Geiger?

Besides having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, I have all of the proper insurance, expertise, and training to get your residential or commercial property clean and beautiful. If you are looking for professional, cost effective pressure washing services in Ithaca, NY, I have the right tools, the right experience, and the right skills to get the job done correctly and safely.(Make an appointment now.)